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FitnessX Magazine hopes to inspire and motivate women to live a healthy lifestyle.All writers are natural athletes and excel in other disciplines. At FitnessX Magazine, our tagline says it all– “Inspiring You To Live Well…Naturally!”

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FitnessX TV strives to inspire all women and men by making a difference in empowering and encouraging you to live a healthier lifestyle. We take pride in sharing inspiring videos and valid information on health, fitness, and Nutrition.

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Nutrition 80%, that’s why you need the right program! Successful weight loss takes programming, not willpower. Phil McGraw

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At Instant Energy we can get you to a healthy weight with proper nutrition and exercise. Whether it’s to Lose Weight (fat loss), Gain Lean Muscle, Improve Athletic Performance, Boost Energy, or Improve Overall Health–We will help you achieve your goals! At Instant Energy, our tag line says it all– “CHANGE YOUR MIND. CHANGE YOUR BODY. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”

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Inspiring You to Live Well Naturally!

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BillyBow Aguirre
BillyBow Aguirre
Creator of FitnessX magazine
Self-described as a “dreamer, BIG Dreams,”BillyBow is the Visionary of FitnessX Magazine. He proudly served in the U.S. Navy for 13 yrs & 15 yrs as a Technologies . He also studied & taught nutrition as a Chef for 15 yrs. With his entreprenuerial skills, BillyBow Aguirre established FitnessX Magazine with Katherine Aguirre.
Katherine Aguirre
Katherine Aguirre
Kat Aguirre is the Owner, Publisher, & Editor-in-Chief of FitnessX Magazine. She has been actively involved in the fitness industry for the past 12 years working as a group exercise instructor, certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, transformation specialist, PT manager, fitness director and fitness company owner.
BillyBow Aguirre
BillyBow Aguirre
Senior Photographer
BillyBow Photography
Writers of FitnessX magazine

FitnessX Magazine hopes to inspire and motivate men & women to live a healthy lifestyle. Our writers/models will touch your heart with articles and tips about fitness, health & wellness. All our models are natural athletes and excel in other disciplines.



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