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CORE Essentials for a Strong & Fit Body


Written By: Sherry Goggin, FitnessX Cover Model

Photos By: BillyBow Photography

Back in the day, I wrote an article titled “You Can’t Build a Tree without a Trunk.” That was a leg-training article that talked about needing a solid root system to start with. Now, that holds true in the construction trades as well as the building of solid humans. Just like you need good morals and ethics in order to follow the proper path in life. You must have a strong CORE to prevent back problems and to avoid breaking down the whole human structure. You would look pretty funny if you had huge arms and legs with no torso. Now just as funny looking is the guy who stands in waist deep water holding his beer at the beach with the huge arms, shoulders, and chest. Then, when he decides to stop showing off for the ladies, he walks toward shore only to expose his chicken legs. If a big wave hits him, away he goes to sea. Now, let’s do this!

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Elaine LaLanne: The Godmother of Fitness

Interview by Katherine Aguirre, Owner/Publisher of FitnessX Magazine
photos courtesy of the LaLanne family

FitnessX Magazine Owner/Publisher, Katherine Aguirre, had the pleasure of interviewing the “Godmother of Fitness”, Elaine LaLanne, in 2012. Elaine and her late husband, Jack LaLanne, were the pioneers of fitness and nutrition. Click on the interview to read about their fascinating story!


FitnessX Magazine for Sept 2012_Page_034 - Copy FitnessX Magazine for Sept 2012_Page_035










FitnessX Magazine for Sept 2012_Page_036FitnessX Magazine for Sept 2012_Page_037

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Gain Flexibility with a Stretch Partner

Gain Flexibility in a Stretch Partner

by Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert
Photos by Alex and Carolina Gonzalez

Stretching Spread 2013Stretching Spread 2013_p2

Bring It On!

Ursula1 copy (1)

Ursula1 copy (1)

by Ursula Pong
Photos by Chris Soo

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