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Park-Circuit Workout


Written By: Katherine Aguirre

Photo By: BillyBow Publishing

A park is the ideal workout playground and far more appealing than a visit to the gym when the weather becomes warmer. Results: Circuit training is an excellent way to simultaneously improve mobility, strength, stamina and for maximum calorie burn. You’ll be energized by the great outdoors and give your body the shock it needs to kick start results. Repeat the entire circuit up to 3 times. Equipment: 1 park bench • 1 set of 3-10lb dumbbells • 1 watch or stop watch

Warm up with a walk/jog for 5-10 minutes before you start the circuit training work out. Depending on the weight of your dumbbells and your fitness level, either pump your arms as you jog or alternate pumping your arms with holding the weights at your side while you walk to give your arms a short break. This total body circuit can be done individually, or in a group, in under 20-minutes. Each exercise will be timed for 30 seconds. Beginners should take a 20 to 35 second rest after each exercise and a 2 to 3 minute rest after each circuit. Intermediate
exercisers should not rest after each exercise but can rest up to 2 ½ to 3 minutes after each circuit. While advanced exercisers should not rest until they have completed at least 2 circuits

Stand with both feet hip-width apart with knees slightly bent and arms overhead parallel to each other with a slight bend in your elbows. Simultaneously lower both arms down to a 90-degree angle with palms facing forward as you squat down until thighs are parallel to the ground. Return back to the starting position in a controlled manner and repeat.

Grab a pair of hex dumbbells and assume a pushup position, your arms straight and feet hip width apart with core tight.
A) Bend your elbows and lower your body until your chest nearly touches the ground.
B) As you push yourself back up, lift your right hand and rotate the right side of your body as you raise the dumbbell straight up over your shoulder until your body forms a T.
C) Reverse the move and repeat, this time rotating your left side.

Grab a pair of hex dumbbells and assume a pushup position, your arms straight and feet close together with core tight.
A) Bend your elbows and lower your body until your chest nearly touches the ground.
B) As you push yourself back up, lift your right hand and rotate the right side of your body as you raise the dumbbell straight up over your shoulder until your body forms a T. Add a leg lift toward your dumbbell for more challenge.

Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbells to your side.
A) Step forward and lower hips to the floor by bending the front knee without letting the back leg touch the ground.
B) Return to the starting position by pushing back with the front leg.

Position your hands shoulder width apart on a secured bench.
A) Place your feet flat in front of you until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Straighten out your arms and keep a little bend in your elbows in order to always keep tension on your triceps and off your elbow joints.
B) Slowly lower your upper body down towards the floor and keep your elbows tucked into your sides. Once you reach 90 degrees in your elbows, slowly press off with your hands and push yourself back up to the starting position with your triceps.

Same as above, except feet will be further in front of you on heels with legs straight.

Place 2 cones (or dumbbells) 2-4 feet apart.
A) Step out sideways behind the left cone (or dumbbell) and lightly tap your left foot with knee bent followed by the right foot
B) Step out back to the right cone (or dumbbell) and repeat back and forth.

Stand behind right cone (or dumbbell) with knees and elbows bent, keep abs tight and lean forward slightly.
A) Leap sideways behind the left cone (or dumbbell) and land lightly on the left foot with knee bent and crossing the right leg behind your left leg and touch cone with right hand.
B) Leap back to the right cone (or dumbbell) and land lightly on your right foot with knee bent and crossing the left leg behind your right leg and touch cone with left hand. Repeat back and forth.

A) Lean back about 45-degrees with knees bent and chin off your chest.
B) In a controlled manner, simultaneously lift your knees toward your chest making sure to focus your eyes above the knees. Return to the start position.

Same as above, except legs are straight.

If you want the article with pictures. Please see May 2011 issue of FitnessX Magazine at
Click on this link to Download the paper park workout

About the Writer: Katherine Aguirre is the Owner/Publisher of FitnessX Magazine. She has been actively involved in the fitness industry for the past 15 years working as a group exercise instructor, CPT/sports nutritionist, weight loss consultant, PT manager, fitness director, and fitness company owner.  Kat has competed and placed in the top 5 in fitness, figure, fitness modeling, bikini, and power lifting. She served as an advocate for the fighting obesity campaign and started several boot camp programs in the Tennessee Valley. Kat enjoys volunteering her time at schools speaking about body image, fitness, and nutrition. Email:   Katherine Aguirre’s website:

CORE Essentials for a Strong & Fit Body


Written By: Sherry Goggin, FitnessX Cover Model

Photos By: BillyBow Photography

Back in the day, I wrote an article titled “You Can’t Build a Tree without a Trunk.” That was a leg-training article that talked about needing a solid root system to start with. Now, that holds true in the construction trades as well as the building of solid humans. Just like you need good morals and ethics in order to follow the proper path in life. You must have a strong CORE to prevent back problems and to avoid breaking down the whole human structure. You would look pretty funny if you had huge arms and legs with no torso. Now just as funny looking is the guy who stands in waist deep water holding his beer at the beach with the huge arms, shoulders, and chest. Then, when he decides to stop showing off for the ladies, he walks toward shore only to expose his chicken legs. If a big wave hits him, away he goes to sea. Now, let’s do this!

Click on this to download the PDF of the workout!

Elaine LaLanne: The Godmother of Fitness

Interview by Katherine Aguirre, Owner/Publisher of FitnessX Magazine
photos courtesy of the LaLanne family

FitnessX Magazine Owner/Publisher, Katherine Aguirre, had the pleasure of interviewing the “Godmother of Fitness”, Elaine LaLanne, in 2012. Elaine and her late husband, Jack LaLanne, were the pioneers of fitness and nutrition. Click on the interview to read about their fascinating story!


FitnessX Magazine for Sept 2012_Page_034 - Copy FitnessX Magazine for Sept 2012_Page_035










FitnessX Magazine for Sept 2012_Page_036FitnessX Magazine for Sept 2012_Page_037

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Nikki Utley’s Bikini Body Workout! 3 Moves for Abs, Legs & Butt!

Pages from November 2012 FitnessX Magazine_Page_1

Photos by BillyBow Photography (Book a Shoot with BillyBow)

Do you want rock-hard abs, firm butt and toned legs? Add Nikki’s ab, leg and butt exercises to your workout regimen. You’ll feel and see the results with a clean diet. Don’t wait til after the holiday season…It’s time to TRAIN 110% for a TIGHT BODY!

Pages from November 2012 FitnessX Magazine_Page_2









HANGING KNEE RAISES -  These are not easy to perform correctly, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. Even someone with Nikki’s level of fitness has to focus and put some thought into it. This is definitely an advanced movement, but for all you beginners out there — you can make it easier by just resting your elbows on the rest pads.

Movement: (A) When you’re hanging from the overhead bars, your body should be straight with the core tight. Get a good strong grip of the bar, and make sure your back is not resting or pushing against anything. (B) Steady your body and lift your knees up in front of you and lower back down with control. Remember, the key is not to swing! Complete three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Pages from November 2012 FitnessX Magazine_Page_3









WEIGHTED STEP-UPS - This exercise strengthens each leg individually , rather than as a unit. Because you are stepping up with one leg at a time, this exercise also helps improve balance and proprioception because you are required to control the weight as you move both up and down, and forward and backward. Perhaps the most important of these is the height of the step. The basic exercise works the hips and thighs, and the step height adjust things in favor of the quadriceps or hamstrings. A higher step works the hamstrings and glutes harder, a lower step targets the quads.

Movement: Stand with your feet parallel about hip width apart while holding dumbbells in your hands with palms facing inwards. (A) Place your foot up firmly on the top of the bench or step. Rise up to a standing position on the bench or step by straightening your right knee and hip. (B) To step down, flex your knee and hip and return the leg to its original position on the floor. Next, bring down your opposite leg. Repeat the motion, then switch legs after you complete three sets of 10 to 15 reps. 

STANDING REAR LEG LIFTS - If you want to tighten up the glutes, hit them with a standing rear leg lift. You can even do them on the leg extension machine (like the one pictured here with Nikki). Who knew one machine could serve two different purposes? When you perform this exercise correctly, you’ll feel a tightening or burning sensation behind the upper thigh of your working leg and deep in the working buttock. Adjusting the angle of your leg lift slightly changes the target glute muscle from the gluteus maximus to the gluteus medius. This will give you a more thorough gluteal workout.

Movement: (A) Face the wall with your feet shoulder-width apart. With your arms fully extended, place your hands on the chair, keeping them shoulder-width apart. (B) Extend your right leg straight back behind you, keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees and your toes pointed down to the floor. Lift the right leg up slightly more, squeezing your buttocks as you lift. Pause for 2 seconds, then with resistance, return with leg bent. Pause for a moment before repeating the exercise. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps on the same leg, then switch legs.


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