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Elaine LaLanne: The Godmother of Fitness

Interview by Katherine Aguirre, Owner/Publisher of FitnessX Magazine
photos courtesy of the LaLanne family

FitnessX Magazine Owner/Publisher, Katherine Aguirre, had the pleasure of interviewing the “Godmother of Fitness”, Elaine LaLanne, in 2012. Elaine and her late husband, Jack LaLanne, were the pioneers of fitness and nutrition. Click on the interview to read about their fascinating story!


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Healthy Living Pavilion






Supreme Protein Healthy Living Pavilion Returns to TheFitExpo™ Southern CaliforniaJanuary 25-26, 2014 at The Los Angeles Convention Center

(Los Angeles, Calif January 7, 2014)  Bring your appetite for nutritional knowledge to the Healthy Living Pavilion, sponsored by Supreme Protein, at the west coast’s largest fitness event, TheFitExpo Southern California.  This exciting health and fitness weekend features something for everyBODY and is set for Saturday and Sunday, January 25-26 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, South Hall G, H & J.

The Healthy Living Pavilion will feature a variety of seminars with leading experts discussing specific dietary programs, weight management, digestive disorders, and more.  Live cooking presentations will serve up tips on how to shop for and cook healthy, quick and easy meals.

“We’re excited about the growth of the Healthy Living Pavilion, with even more booths and expert speakers,” said TheFitExpo Project Manager, Matthew Berman.  “It is our goal to provide attendees with the ingredients for a recipe of success for achieving a healthier lifestyle.”

Expert cooking demonstrations will be offered daily including:

*Los Angeles-based chef Alison Charbonneau, a vegan, macrobiotic, plant-based personal chef and holistic nutrition and wellness coach who will prepare protein-packed vegan dishes plus dairy free cheeses, sauces and dips.

*”The Fit Foodie” Mareya Ibrahim, is a nationally renowned food safety and clean eating expert and an award-winning entrepreneur, chef, author and founder of Grow Green Industries.  She will be offering Abs are MADE in the kitchen, the five essential ways to supercharge your metabolism and sculpt a beautiful body with food and DIET is a 4 letter word, how to eat cleaner, everyday with fit food swaps.

*Chef Garrett Nishimori will focus on incorporating kale into a gourmet meal with his preparation of MexiKALE Pizza, SuperKALE Margarita and SuperKALE Sushi.

*Celebrity chef, best-selling author and owner of Santa Monica’s Raw Star Café, Bryan Au, is considered the leading authority figure of “Eco Green Cuisine.” He will feature provide demos from his award-winning cookbook, Raw Star Recipes: Organic Meals, Snacks & Desserts Under 10 Minutes by making his famous super food twists to Sweet Potato Pie and donuts.

*CUTCO Cutlery will have a kitchen knife expert on hand demonstrate culinary tricks to help get the perfect dice, slice and chop every time you cook.

Several health and diet issues will be addressed from a nutritional perspective.  Herbal product expert, Caroline MacDougall, will focus on how to maintain a stable blood sugar in order to sustain energy, good health and weight management on a plant-based diet.  She will share information about her caffeine-free herbal coffee Teeccino, a coffee alternative.  Health Researcher and nutrition consultant Sherry Brescia, will offer advice for people who want to overcome digestive disorders with their diet from her Great Taste, NO Pain health system.  She will share her gluten free version called Great Taste, No Gluten.

Attendees will find innovative healthy kitchen products on the exhibit floor including FDA approved Eat Cleaner, the first all-natural, odorless and tasteless, lab tested product that removes pesticides, waxes and surface debris that can carry bacteria from produce, seafood and poultry; IPS Egg White Chips, the first-ever protein chip snack that is all natural and deliciously crunchy; Halo Top Creamery, a new ice cream that is decadently rich tasting yet  high-protein; an action-packed snack, Perky Jerky, an all-natural energy snack is made from ingredients from the Amazon; Royal Himalayan Crystal Salt, containing 84+ minerals in the same proportion that are found in human cells and it replenishes the body rather than depletes it like regular salts; Teeccino, a coffee alternative that allows you to drink coffee even when pregnant or if your doctor says no to caffeine, a new super seed cereal  that is a high performance and gluten-free; Mary’s Gone Crackers will bring their new organic gluten free, vegan Hot ‘n Spicy Jalapeño Crackers and Super Seed Crackers that are made in USA; and many more.

Unique products on the expo floor include Tern Bicycles Folding Bike.  Perfect for the green-conscience commuter, this bicycle takes up little space at home and is ideal for someone who takes the bus.  It fits in the trunk of any car and unfolds in under 15 seconds with larger wheels for a great ride! The Pocket Disc is fun for whole family. This new style Frisbee is soft and easy to throw and catch.  Sporteer is a high-performance sports armband for smartphones that is designed by athletes for athletes for use at the gym, track or biking and more.

TheFitExpo offers something for everyBODY!  Attendees will find over 100 fitness and sports celebrities as well as 20 amateur, professional, Olympic and attendee competitions and 400 exhibits offering the latest in fitness, diet, nutrition, strength and wellness products and services.  During both days of the Expo, many leading fitness professionals will be presenting educational seminars and demonstrations on subjects such as proper nutrition and dieting and exercise philosophies.

Adult admission tickets are $20 per day or $30 for the full weekend.  Children 12 years and under are $10 per day and children under 6 are free.  Show hours are Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Plenty of parking is available.  For full information on TheFitExpo ticketing, exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities call (818) 545-0290 or visit

Event is produced by National Fitness Productions. Title sponsor is  Presenting sponsors for TheFitExpo Southern California are Body Fortress and Subway Restaurants with MET-Rx, Pure Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, American BodyBuilding, Dymatize, Supreme Protein, Pursuit Rx, and Ralphs as Major sponsors.  Supporting sponsors include GNC, ProMera Sports, MHP, ReebokONE, Beachbody, R.I.P.P.E.D., NASM, Zumba, Jillian Michaels’ BODYSHRED and Liftag Sport.  Media sponsors include Iron Man Magazine, Muscle Mag International, Muscle & Performance Magazine, Oxygen, Black Belt Magazine, The Box Magazine, and Power Media.


Winter/Spring 2013 Issue – FitnessX Magazine


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Clean Protein Revolution


Beware: Most Whey Proteins are Inferior and Will Actually Harm You

There’s no shortage of whey products on the market, but unfortunately most of them will NOT give you the health benefits associated with high-quality whey. First of all, you want to use a whey protein concentrate. High quality whey protein concentrates also have glutamylcysteine, the major precursor to glutathione, which is another phenomenal anti-aging nutrient.

There is probably no other area of processed foods where you need to be careful than in selecting a high quality whey supplement.

Most whey proteins are processed from ultrapasteurized milk and many are exposed to acid processing. Heat and acid damages the protein and makes it insoluble in water. This is one of the key ways to differentiate high quality whey protein from inferior ones.

But the whey manufacturers know this, and know that insoluble powders are not appealing for a variety of reasons, so they add chemical flavors and detergents to restore flavor and solubility. They put in genetically modified soy lecithin, and also dump chemical surfactants, which are used in soap, like polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, and ethoxylated mono-diglycerides along with maltodextrin, caseinates, and hydrolyzed proteins, which are  really disguised MSG. They also use artificial sweeteners, like aspartame and sucralose.

The overheated whey protein is a clearly inferior form of whey that should be avoided because it contains putrid proteins, which are actually more damaging to your health than rancid fats. They also change their molecular shape to the wrong form. If you have taken biochemistry, you will be familiar with optical isomers. Proteins in foods and in your body are in the L form, but processing used to produce whey isolates produces damaging D optical isomers, which are not designed to be in your body. Depositing these D proteins in your bone, brain and muscle is associated with accelerated aging. Accumulation of D proteins in the brain has been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson.

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Beat the Holiday Stress…for Health’s Sake!


by Kat Aguirre,
Photo by Robert Reiff***

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