Written By: Val Andrea-Way

Simply follow these easy steps to get beach ready in a hurry:

1. Increase your water intake.

Drinking adequate water will help you shed water retention, flush out toxins and get your body functioning efficiently. You will know when you are drinking enough when your urine colour is clear. Increase slowly as to not to retain any fluid initially. Depending on bodyweight and activity levels, a minimum of two litres daily.

2. Eat clean.

Food is 80% folks. You can’t out train a bad diet, believe me I have tried it all! Fuel your body according to how you wish to look – your vision of yourself at your best physique. Fuel your workouts properly with a good carbohydrate and protein source pre and post workout. My philosophy: if you train like an athlete, you have to eat like one. I like to have a massive smoothie post workout containing 2 or more cups of frozen berries and pineapple, 1 scoop of BioX Nutrition Natural Chocolate Power whey isolate blended with almond milk. So delicious and refills the tank after an intense workout!

3. Pump some iron.

Yes your old faithful friends — the dumbbells and barbells — always standing by waiting for you to come and join forces. Besides your nutrients, resistance training is going to get you to your goal of a toned tush and flat abs quicker than anything else. Perform some circuits with your weights, keep the intensity high and your heart rate will stay up making for a quality fat burning session every time.

4. Sprint it out!

Forget the hours of cardio and long distance runs (unless you are a long distance runner of course) — start sprinting. I’ve never had anything condition my legs and glutes and rip the fat off them faster than performing high intensity interval sprints a couple of times a week. Aim for 8-10 sprints increasing your intensity with each one, with 1-2 minutes of recovery jogging or fast walking in between each sprint. Always warm up and cool down before and after.

5. Catch your Zs.

Adequate sleep is imperative to good health, end of story. Sleep deprivation, even a couple of hours night after night, puts your whole system in a state of stress. This makes it difficult to lose weight and have the energy to train or even get through your daily routine. Sleep well to look your best, perform at your best and for good health.

6. Last but not least, take care of your skin.

Since you will be showing more of it during the summer season, you want to pay some TLC to your largest organ — your skin! Exfoliate, moisturize, hydrate, repeat. Drinking adequate water (see #1) helps keep your skin glowing and supple in the summer heat. Pay heed to your time spent in the sun as well — a small dose of sunshine will supply you with much needed vitamin D but don’t overdue it. A sunburn looks good on no one and can be damaging and pre-cancerous. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about the right SPF for you. And don’t forget your feet — treat yourself to a pedicure before showing the world your naked toes! Now you are armed and dangerous — well at least empowered with some great tips to arrive with a physique you can be proud of and maintain. Have a great summer and I will see you at the beach!

ABOUT THE WRITER: Val Andrea-Way earned her BA in Psychology. She is a certified Life Coach, certified Master Trainer, certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, National-Level Competitor, BioX Nutrition Athlete, published writer, fitness modeland mother of 2. Val is currently 4 months post partum and is getting back in top shape to compete again this year.

Click on the link to read Val’s article on page 50-51 of July 2012 issue of FitnessX Magazine