Written By: Jeanette Ortega

Photo By: B-House Photography

We are so busy nowadays — We have family, full time jobs, children, sports, activities, social events and the list goes on.  I have so many clients ask me how do I find the time to work out and stay healthy.  Where is the balance?

I feel this is a very valid question for many because we neglect time for ourselves and allow the busyness of life to dictate our health habits or lack thereof.  I always start by saying, my personal health and fitness is my lifestyle.  I schedule my workouts into my daily planner as an appointment and rarely do I ever cancel the appointment with myself.  I see it this way — I am the only person who will take care of me 100%.  If I am better for myself, I will be better for my business, my clients, my family and every other aspect of my life.  The energy and peace it provides me is what allows me to give back to everyone that walks thru my gym and my life.

So…I say let’s take this in steps.  First, truly recognize your own value; know that you are worth an hour a day to work on yourself. Secondly, go through your schedule and truly find that hour that you can block out for yourself at least 3-4 times a week and make the commitment not to cancel it.  Thirdly, start moving… pick which form of exercise is right for you.  Many prefer working out outdoors, some need a trainer for the accountability and knowledge, and some enjoy group session workouts.  Whatever it is, STICK WITH IT!!! Don’t allow yourself excuses or justifications, be STRONG, and truly remember the “WHY” of why you are doing this.  Post an old picture of yourself for motivation, a dress size, an event, or anything that encourages you and keeps you on your path.

It’s hard work, no doubt about it but it’s so worth the many great feelings that come out of it; self-accomplishment, increased self-esteem, more energy for your children, more energy at work, and self-satisfaction.  I work hard on me every day, not just physically but spiritually and mentally as well.  These are all connected, and the more we understand that the better we become!


ABOUT THE WRITER: Jeanette Ortega is the Owner/Founder of Jeanette Ortega’s Boot Camp and Extreme Results Fitness Studio.  She is the Creator of her own “Fit Team: The Ortega Hunnies”.  She is a nationally-ranked Fitness and Bikini Competitor.  Jeanette has been a fitness model for select magazines and sports clubs.  She was featured in Ms. Fitness magazine (summer 2004) and her articles have been published in the San Fernando Valley Newspaper and Oxygen Magazine.   Please check out her website ExtremeResultsFitness.net or email her at Jeanette.ortega@yahoo.com.  Photo Credit: B-House Photography.