In the Pursuit of Health & Happiness

In the Pursuit of Health & Happiness

Hi Readers,
Yes! It’s another New Year! For many Americans, it’s time for the New Year resolutions. Well, ditch the resolutions!
Yes, you heard right!

Did you know that less than 10% of Americans successfully achieve their New Year's resolutions? In fact, more
than 45% quit by the end of January! I admit that there was a time (14 years ago to be exact), when I was also
pressured to do the New Year’s resolution thing. For me, I wanted to lose nearly 30 pounds (or 5 dress sizes)
and kick my bad eating habits, but it didn’t work. Why? Well, I failed to set myself for success…I was
lacking the commitment and, most of all, confidence in myself! I had high expectations of myself and wanted
results fast! Sound familiar? A majority of Americans feel guilty when there are obstacles in their fitness
and nutrition. They tend to possess the “all or nothing” attitude. When goals are not met to our
expectations, we often give up.

My piece of advice --- Make a commitment! Assess where you are now, and then break it into small, achievable
goals. You have to do things that are realistic to your own lifestyle. First things first -- What are you trying to accomplish,
and what are you willing to do or give up in return in order to achieve it? When do you want to achieve
it by? We must know the "why" in order to succeed with our commitment.

It is much more powerful to set good intentions and goals for what you DO want, rather than what you don't
want. Do you really want to improve your health? Ok, then you will need to challenge the way the majority of
Americans live their lives -- Being sedentary, eating large portions and instant gratification. Of course, this isn’t
easy; otherwise everyone would be doing it. Most people are concerned about what others think of them. They
do not want to veer away from the “norm” and, as a result, they are doomed to fail. There is nothing wrong with
having the courage to be radically different; to do whatever it takes to be healthy regardless of what others
think or say about you. Remember when we were kids, we would believe that anything was possible and we did
exactly what we said we were going to do? We saw the world in a positive light! So, why not apply that same
enthusiasm to our own goals?

Imagine how wonderful it will feel when your goals become reality. The quicker you shorten the distance between
where you are and where you want to be, the more empowered you become. Setting a goal is nothing
without a plan. Make sure you have the proper plan to execute your goal in a reasonable timeframe.

Keeping yourself accountable is key -- Make sure people you trust know what your goals are and support you in
your journey, especially during those hard times! Jotting down your daily progress also plays a big role in achieving
your goals. I also suggest finding a support group who are going through similar goals. A professional in the
field of health and fitness are excellent sources to help you with your goals, such as a certified personal trainer
and a certified sports nutritionist. Reading inspiring fitness magazines and websites is another excellent way to
stay motivated.

I highly recommend that you start your healthier lifestyle knowing that you may not always exercise and eat
healthy. Life is full of unplanned obstacles, distractions, and temptations. Your best approach is to prepare for
them, keeping an open mind and maintaining a positive attitude. Remind yourself that no matter what happens
that you will never quit, even when you get sidetracked. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Pick yourself
back up and keep on going!

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. You’ve heard the expression, “Slow and steady
wins the race!” Well, it’s true! It takes time and patience when it comes to achieving your goals. Anything worth
something is worth working for! There will always be times of temptation and obstacles. Don’t let your guilt or
feeling discouraged stop you from moving forward to a new improved way of life! No better time than the present
to start on your goals! Your health is important, so start now and reap the full benefits of your life!

Don’t settle for less. Believe in yourself…YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! So, here’s to your health! Let’s welcome 2018 to a
healthier and happier YOU!!!

Inspiring YOU to Live Well…Naturally!
Kat Painter
Editor-In-Chief/Publisher of FitnessX Magazine