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MISSION STATEMENT: FitnessX Magazine strives to inspire all women by making a difference in empowering and encouraging you to live a healthier lifestyle. We take pride in sharing inspiring articles and valid information on health, fitness, and wellness.

FitnessX Magazine features natural athletes in all sports, professionals who work in the health/fitness/wellness industry, everyday people who have made remarkable strides in motivating others to live a healthier lifestyle, and includes articles on the latest and most popular topics of interest.

Our readers vary in age, body composition, ethnic background, economic status, and professional background, but have the common goal of improving themselves through health, fitness, and wellness. FitnessX Magazine readers are health-conscious, discovering or already adopting healthy lifestyle practices, and interested in bettering themselves.

At FitnessX Magazine, our tag line says it all—“Inspiring YOU to Live Well…NATURALLY!”