Losing the Holiday Weight & Staying Motivated to Keep It Off

Losing the Holiday Weight & Staying Motivated to Keep It Off

The New Exercise should be a stress release, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. However, with all the weight loss New Year’s resolutions, crowded gyms can become frustrating, overwhelming and, in some cases, even causing you to cut your workout short. Here are some tips for beating the crowds, losing the holiday pounds and staying motivated to keep the weight off.

1. Have a Plan - Decide what you want to accomplish before starting your workout. Tell yourself you will stay until you reach that goal. Then reward yourself for your accomplishment! Sorry- I'm not talking about junk food or anything that will compromise your hard work….but possibly a massage, warm bath or just relaxing at home.

2. Be Flexible - Don't be attached to the order of your planned exercises. Instead of waiting 10 minutes for an elliptical,
try starting with abs or weights.

3. Positive Music - Load your iPod with positive and/or calming music. This will help you stay calm when frustration
would otherwise set in. Though the lyrics may be slow, there is always a faster beat in the background to keep you
energized. Songs I listen to are “Other Ways” by Trevor Hall, “Send Me on My Way” by Rusted Root and “Love Generation” by Bob Sinclair.

4. Workout Outside - Grab your jacket and enjoy an outdoor workout. If the sun is down, find a lit basketball court or baseball field. Get creative and have fun! Take hand weights or simply use your own bodyweight for fatburning intervals, sprints, etc. Staying positive and dedicated to your goal is key-- Picture the end result and don’t give up until you get there!ns a New Mindset.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Stacie Schneider is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Consultant with over 17 years of industry experience. Her ultimate goal is to teach people the tools they need to be fit for life. At the age of thirteen, Stacie joined her first gym and began creating meal plans for family members. Her passion for helping others through fitness and nutrition became even greater when she developed severe adult food allergies 8 years ago. Through hard work and research, Stacie overcame her food allergies and is nearly allergy free. She is dedicated to educating others to prevent and overcome health issues in order to achieve an overall better quality of life. She developed her guaranteed program, Total Health Solutions by Stacie Schneider, which combines Max Interval Training, Clean-eating Meal Plans and constant support and encouragement.

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