Get more from your workout! The BOSU ball is where you can start. I workout on the Bosu ball 3 t o 4 times a week to build a strong core. It will help you build balance and strength. If you are beginner, you may not know how to get on the Bosu. Ladies, let's learn how to do it.

This first step entails that you arrange your BOSU ball on the floor correctly. Choose a place where you will have free range of motion and no one near you to interfere with your exercise. Take your BOSU ball and place it on the floor with its dome-side facing down; then, stand facing it.

A. Place your right foot on the right side (Flat side up) of the BOSU ball. Now balance yourself.

B. Place your left feet on the left side of the BOSU ball. Now balance yourself. Then like the picture below, bring yourself to the
middle balancing on the flatside.

C. Now that you're up on the BOSU ball and balancing, you can do squats on BOSU ball and build a strong core! Note: It's an advanced move when you use weights.

Photos By: BillyBow Photography
WRITTEN BY: BillyBow, Creator/Publisher of FitnessX Magazine
Cover Model Jodi Tiahrt demonstrating

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