Zerowater has a patented technology that allows us to do something no one else in the water filtration category can do. We remove virtually all ( 99.63%) of the dissolved solids from water. This allows the user to drink the purest possible water without any contaminants. Water in its purest state…. nothing but H2O! we are the only brand in our category certified to remove, Lead, Mercury, Fluoride, Hexavalent Chromium. I have also attached a report by an independent lab comparing our performance in removal of heavy metals vs the competition. We are coming to Fit Expo to demonstrate and sell our product while Kelly Mac will be talking about the importance of staying hydrated before, during and after working out.

Obviously Brita is the most well know brand of Water Filtration on the market. We have developed a filter that has ZeroWater technology inside a filter that will fit into any Brita Pitcher. It is basically a trial filter that allows the user to test and taste the difference in the water after filtering. There is a dramatic difference and we also include a $10 Coupon good for any ZeroWater pitcher. The coupon can be used at the show or can be redeemed at any of retail partners including Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Fry's.